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UK Research Organisation meets with Scotland-based Researchers in Glasgow

Wellcome, a research organisation based in the UK holds Discovery Research Regional Event for Scotland Researchers in Glasgow.

Wellcome Glasgow Discovery Research event

Image: Wellcome

The event, which took place on 19 April 2023 at the University of Glasgow’s Advanced Research Centre, attracted researchers and prospective researchers from across Scotland.

With Wellcome’s zeal to support discovery research into life, health, and wellbeing with a focus on three major worldwide health challenges – mental health, climate and health and infectious diseases – the event had sessions led by various professionals who were able to pass the goals of the programme to the participants.

However, the agenda included Discovery Research at Wellcome’s visions and ambitions by Ben Murton, Head of Early Career and Career Development Research, Wellcome. It also explored how Discovery Research supports early and mid-career researchers led by Sarah Lloyd and Hellen Wells of Discovery Research, Wellcome. Bradley Roberts and Paul Meller also Discovery Research Wellcome, anchored the session ‘Discovery Awards –What is Wellcome looking for?’.

The event included studio activities and seminar suites on Directed Activities for Discovery Research, Research Environment, New Funding System and Policies, changes to Wellcome’s application system, and funding policies led by various professionals.

Participants made use of the opportunity to develop and make decisions about their career choices. Andrew Baxter, an attendee from Glasgow said: “I primarily came along because I was looking to hear about early career research.”

The event provided platforms for application information, “For me primarily, it was the clarity about how the application process works, when it will be open and when to start planning my own application,” said Mr Baxter.

Candidates also acquired skills that serve individual research and future goals. I am trying to work in public health policy evaluation, and I will be looking to keep using those skills of policy evaluation methods.

The event was planned to create an in-person dialogue with researchers and research support staff in the UK and Ireland about the visions and ideas of the organisation.

Scotland-based researchers were able to participate and received expositions on Discovery Research Strategy and information regarding several opportunities to network with others who are also interested in the Discovery Research.
As a large charitable organisation and a research funder, the organisation has intentions of funding research in diverse areas. “Covid was destructive to everyone in research and so we really want to make sure that we come out on a series of regional retreats which allow us to meet with the research community,” said Dr Ben Murton. “Hopefully, we can increase the diversity of people that know what we are doing and also, the diversity of projects we are able to fund.’’

In addition, the programme aims to train and equip candidates across Scotland for funding eligibility. “Anyone can come along. What we are trying to do is to break down any barrier that might be from any career they are in,” added Dr Murton.

However, through these discovery research schemes, the organisation still engages in its commitment to funding. This includes a wide range of disciplines from biomedical science to population and public health. It also encompasses medical humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, engineering, data sciences and many more. These are all open to researchers based in the UK, the Republic of Ireland and low or middle-income countries.


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