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Graphic artist excites people with live art skills

Rose Cunningham, a Glasgow based artist and illustrator has consistently use her art to emphasise the concept of cultural exchange, social issues and development.

Credit: Wix

Recently, Cunningham’s unique skillset came to the forefront at a multicultural ceilidh, which was organised by Migrant Voice Glasgow March 26, 2023. She engaged in live drawing throughout the event, translating attendees’ emotions and reactions into vibrant graphic art. This creative addition enriched the overall atmosphere of the gathering.

Cunningham's art vividly recreated attendees' actions and excitement in real-time, accurately capturing their emotions and the event's ambiance. Her work not only brought joy but also created a sense of shared humour amongst participants as they viewed the evolving artwork.
One striking aspect of Cunningham's live art is its interactive nature. As she followed the unfolding event, capturing various occurrences, the attendees could see themselves reflected in her work. This added an engaging and personal dimension to the overall experience.

Cunningham expressed immense satisfaction in her role as a live artist, as reflected on her Instagram page. Sharing a copy of her drawing, she wrote about the 'depth of happiness' she experienced while using her paintbrush and ink to recreate the extraordinary emotions at the Migrant Voice Multicultural Ceilidh.

The impact of her artwork was palpable as many participants expressed their joy, amusement, and appreciation. Anastasia Maria, a participant, commented, "Wow! These are gorgeous, and I could recognise quite a few people and our dancers."

Further reactions echoed the sense of camaraderie and accomplishment from attending the event. Instagram user and participant, Kerry Lyoncoach, wrote, "I love these, Rosemary, they feel so alive!" Her comment highlighted the invigorating effect of Cunningham's art.
The drawings also fostered a sense of participation as attendees recognized themselves, their families, and friends in the artwork. Participant Marzanna Mana exclaimed, "I just saw these! It's amazing! I know these people, they exist!"
Cunningham also shared insights into her artistic process, explaining how she loved drawing people from different parts of the world, dancing and singing in their beautiful outfits. "It's about connecting with people, having fun, and drawing...getting people excited," she said.
Cunningham acknowledged that developing drawing skills is a process, but she found the challenge engaging. "I was asked to do this a few years ago, and I found that I have skills in listening, drawing, and processing the next thing while drawing the last thing," she revealed.
Driven by her desire to connect with people, tell stories, and bring joy, Cunningham sees a bright future in her chosen path, proving that art can indeed bring unity and happiness to diverse communities.


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