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Two-Day "ScotHot" Event Seeks to Build Upon Scottish Hospitality and Tourism

Marking its fiftieth year, the hospitality and tourism trade show ScotHot will see more than 7,000 attendees and 200 + exhibitors.

The team behind Irish Black Butter ( Image Credits: Alastair Bell)

ScotHot is an event that seeks to innovate Scotland across food, drink, hospitality, catering, and tourism sectors, taking place on the 8th-9th of March at Glasgow’s Scottish Event Campus (SEC). Exhibitors in attendance will hail from Scotland and beyond. For Alastair Bell, owner of Irish Black Butter, the reputation of Hotspot and a recommendation from a small business owner were key factors in attending the event.

"The mix of businesses and geographic spread of them lead us to believe that here was the right event at the right time for our business to build on existing relationships in Scotland and develop new business openings,” said Bell.

Irish Black Butter's Stall at ScotHot ( Image Credits: Alastair Bell)

Expect the unexpected
The event will run from 10-5 on both dates and includes talks on important issues in the Scottish Tourism Industry from key figures such as; Marc Crothall MBE (Chief Executive of the Scottish Tourism Alliance), Lesley McIvor( Senior Social Media and Influencer Manager at VisitScotland), Gerry Boyle (Partner for Food Systems and Hospitality Sector Manager at Zero Waste Scotland), and more.

Irish Black Butter Packaging ( Image Credits: Alastair Bell)

"Expect the unexpected!” Alastair said. “Irish Black Butter is an astonishing foodstuff. It will simply amaze people with how versatile it is. This is a real treat for anyone involved in the food or hospitality industry in Scotland. It is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Use in cooking, baking, as a spread or mix.” For Irish Alastair Bell and other business owners, ScotHot is a chance to build relationships in Scotland. Bell said, “We would love to develop relationships across Scotland with people who can enjoy and share Irish Black Butter. We have made some connections in Scotland and we want to help build that business and develop new partnerships. "

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