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At Breakthrough Press, we share stories about progress and advancement across many areas, from technology to medicine, fashion to the environment, and social justice to the arts – innovative work and thinking across all areas of society.  
News coverage tends to focus on crises; it can often feel like nothing good is happening in our world and no progress is being made. While this is absolutely vital to keep people informed, it can also create pessimism and despair, and even cause people to avoid the news.  
We think it’s important that people to have a place to find the positive stories about advancements that are being made; that are making a real difference to our world and to people’s lives. That’s how the idea for Breakthrough Press was born.  
Our goals are to give our readers a place to learn, be informed and be entertained, as well as to platform exciting developments that we think it’s important to know about. While we cover UK-wide and international stories, we are particularly invested in sharing stories of Scottish innovation and Scottish people, as that is where our team is based.  
We’re also committed to amplifying the voices of all the demographics that make up our society. Our team is diverse, made up of people of many different nationalities and backgrounds, and we do our best to reflect that diversity in the people and stories we cover.  

We think it’s important that people to have a place to find the positive stories about advancements that are being made; that are making a real difference to our world and to people’s lives. That’s how the idea for Breakthrough Press was born.


Meet The Team


Katie Cutforth 

Katie is a student journalist and Editor-in-Chief of Breakthrough Press. A keen writer and editor, she previously worked as a copywriter in Edinburgh and contributes regularly to Scottish cultural publications including The Skinny and GoldFlakePaint. Katie’s greatest passion is for sharing stories about music, culture, climate change and social inequalities, and she is committed to shedding light on positive progress being made in solving society’s problems. 


Vincent Tan 

Vincent worked as a full-time journalist for 10 years in various beats with news publications in Southeast Asia, before coming to Strathclyde to pursue his Masters. He began his journalism career as a freelancer during his undergraduate days, Vincent enjoys pursuing investigative work, particularly into environmental/conservation issues, as well as local government problems.

Hafid Boutaleb Photo HD.jpeg

Hafid Boutableb

Hafid Boutaleb is a student journalist and Features Editor of Breakthourgh Press. Previously Hafid has worked as CEO and publishing director of digital publications related to energy transition at AOB Group, a media & communications firm based in Casablanca, Morocco. He is an expert in international relations and climate change. 


Alex Manley

Alex Manley is an International Business graduate and News Editor at Breakthrough Press. Journalistic experiences include contributions to the Strathclyde Telegraph, and presenting both a ‘retro music’ and a sports discussion show on Strathclyde Fusion Radio. A storyteller, he has been published in a short story collection, and is a keen TikTok creator. He is excited to report on stories of scientific/technological progress in Scotland, and across the globe  


Urvashi More

Sub-editing for Breakthrough Press, Urvashi is a student journalist. Urvashi has experience in both graphic design and writing for online publications. Urvashi is an advocate for mental health and a lifelong learner with a deep interest in the arts and music. She is dedicated to bringing ground-breaking cultural and artistic stories to breakthrough press. She is excited to learn new things every day and broaden her horizons. 

Derek Lewis.jpg

Derek Lewis 

A former social worker, Derek left practice in 2017 to co-found The Community Connections Group Ltd, providing adult homecare and residential childcare. He has contributed on a freelance basis to many publications, and regularly to football websites, Football BH, & Soo Football. 

Monica - Headshot.jpg

Monica Acquaah-Arhin

Monica Acquaah Arhin brings to the role of Sub-Editor, her expertise in public relations and social media content management for business promotion. She has an interest in topics relating to gender, technology and culture. Monica is committed to focus on innovative stories of global interest to drive awareness on Breakthrough Media. 

a35a0ab0872f-valentin_pro (1) (1)_edited.jpg

Valentin Lehodey

Valentin Lehodey is an exchange student from Sorbonne University in Paris, France where he studied British and American history, literature and translation. He has previous broadcasting experiences in Scotland, France and Canada as a Radio DJ and as an associate producer in Winnipeg for Radio-Canada (French CBC). He is in charge of the Youtube podcast for Breakthrough Press. 


Stuart Patterson

Stuart is a journalism graduate with a keen interest in all things technology and community. Stuart has extensive background contributing on many news and features pieces. Stuart will be working on the audio-visual aspects to Breakthrough Press as well as the infographics and data visualisation needs. 

Eva Headshot_edited.jpg

Eva Mackenzie

Eva Mackenzie is a journalism graduate, with previous experience working on magazines like Behind the Decks. At Breakthrough Press, she works on features and news that are largely people-focused, with an emphasis on culture, art and social justice – shining a light upon the small movements that make a huge impact. 

Georgia Burns.jpg

Georgia Burns

Georgia Burns is a student journalist, working within the social media and marketing team at Breakthrough Press. Previously Georgia has worked with The National Newspaper, writing on the politics in America. Georgia is interested in culture, arts and social justice, the expertise she is excited to write about during her time at Breakthrough Press.


Yasmin Donald 

Yasmin is particularly interested in developments in music, literature, and culture. She hopes that you enjoy reading about the small ways in which the world is changing, and that from reading, you feel more positive about the world we live in.


Anuj Patil

Anuj Patil is a student journalist and is managing website design at breakthrough press .
Anuj holds degrees in business and law. He has an interest in writing about the Constitution, democracy, and social justice. 


Ben Francis 

Ben Francis is a Politics graduate from the University of Edinburgh and currently doing a postgraduate Diploma in Journalism. Ben has experience in both writing features for publications and creating audiovisual pieces on current news topics. He is interested in international, social, and economic politics and is excited to write about these topics for Breakthrough Press. 


Chidiebere Nwogu

Chidiebere Nwogu is a journalist, a language educator and a dramatist with interest in news and political journalism. As a scholar with curiosity in languages and TV drama, he enjoys drama presentation and production. He is pleased to contribute his skills and knowledge to the role of a researcher to Breakthrough Press. 

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