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Blackthorn Salt’s “Big Day Out”: Offering Ayrshire A Taste of Scotland and its Seasoned History

Image of Whirly Marshall and her husband, Gregory Marshall (Credit: Whirly Marshall)

Blackthorn Salt, the only salt manufacturing tower in the world, is opening its doors for a one-off event for the whole family.

The Ayr-based seasoning manufacturer, co-founded by husband and wife duo Gregory and Whirly Marshall, will be welcoming the public for the first time ever with an event to tickle taste buds, and talk food and drink.

The “Big Day Out” takes place on the 15th of April between 10am to 4pm, and is set to be a day showcasing Blackthorn Salt and passionate business owners from across the food and drink industry.

“This year, I wanted it to be a bit more about food, celebrating the crafts and the knowledge of people that use our salt in their production.” Whirly Marshall said, explaining the idea behind the event.

“Our producer-customers are invited to do a demo, a tasting session, and bring a stall to sell their produce .” Gregory added.

Image of fruit and Blackthorn Salt (Credit: Whirly Marshall)

Several businesses are set to attend the one-day fair, including Arran Ice Cream, Galloway Pasta, Trodden Black Sauces, and Bella Chocolate.

The event also offers the opportunity to learn more about food from some of the industry experts. “There will be a Q&A by expert panels. We have Chef Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall coming up to MC Bryce Cunningham from Mossgiel to talk about sustainability, a talk from a number one nutritionist; and some info and a tasting from Leslie Gracie Hendricks, master distiller,” Marshall said.

“Blackthorn Salt also has informative talks of their own,” the Marshalls added. There will also be historical guides to show how salt was made in the past, and a chance to enter the pan house and tower to learn how the crystals are formed.

Image of Blackthorn Salt packaging (credit: Whirly Marshall)

Besides adult foodies, younger children are also catered for with a climbing wall activity and salt art.

“It’s not just us. It is part of the landscape. We have been on the TV a few times, and Blackthorn Salt is part of what people know about Ayrshire and Scotland.”

“The only salt tower in the world. Why would you hide it all? Let the local population be open to it, and be proud,” Whirly said, when asked about the motivation to open Blackthorn Salt to the public in this manner.

To buy tickets, head to Blackthorn Salt’s “Big Day Out” page on their website, where tickets for adults go for £5 while children under 15 have free admission.


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