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Charity is alive and kicking: Celtic FC Foundation raises over 67k through Arctic Trek

The Celtic FC Foundation shows how a unique fundraising activity clears the way for a large volume of donations even in severe economic climates.

Figure 1 Celtic FC Foundation fundraisers crossing a frozen lake (Photo Credit: Riley Simpson)

Celtic FC Foundation broke boundaries with their first-ever Artic Trek. This challenge is “carried out between four and eight times per year by as few as 10 charities”, according to trek director, Lee Peyton.

Last year, Scotland like the rest of the UK was experiencing a cost-of-living crisis. According to Templer, this crisis has greatly impacted charities; causing nearly a quarter of the public to cancel or reduce their charitable donations. It is in this socio-economic climate that the Celtic FC Foundation fundraised for their trek.

Jane Maguire, head of the foundation’s fundraising, told Celtic Way that one of the trustees, made her aware of this unusual fundraising idea:

[Martin Brown] “suggested to me that it would be a good idea because it would appeal to our fans and would also be a good fundraiser for the Foundation.”

An Extraordinary Experience

Fast forward to the 18th of January 2023, a group of intrepid fundraisers have arrived in Rovaniemi, Finland, and are about to undertake a challenge like no other.

With guaranteed temperatures below minus five degrees, uneven terrain, 25-30 kilos of weight on their hips, and the weight of expectation on their shoulders, the 16 courageous Celtic FC Campaigners sunk their boots into the trials and tribulations that came with the wintry Finnish landscape.

Riley Simpson, the youngest fundraiser, spoke of how his regular weight training could not have prepared him for this journey:

“The terrain was incredibly soft, and it was extremely hard to get a foothold... It is not natural to pull yourself on unstable ground. It was very mentally challenging.”

Figure 2 Image of Riley Simpson, one of the Celtic FC Fundraisers (Photo Credit: Riley Simpson)

All About Community

Through fundraising activities like this, the Celtic FC foundation aims to help society’s most vulnerable and marginalised groups. Fundraisers which are grounded in community and remarkable experiences appeal to volunteers and donors.

Celtic FC Artic Trip 2023 (Video Credit: Riley Simpson)

When Riley Simpson was asked about his reasons for undertaking such a challenge, he said:

“My dad has worked with the charity on several endeavours, and the work that the foundation does is so helpful to the community. I wanted to give something back in a unique and exciting way.”

Isadora Buenos Bastos, one of the donors, said that the nature of the fundraiser was a huge incentive:

“If we don’t start doing something for our circle, there will be no change. This was something that I could help with albeit very little.”

The fundraiser has over 700 supporters now, and they continue to raise thousands for their cause.

With ambitious plans, personal challenges, and local impact, it seems like charity can emerge in even the bleakest of times.


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