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Dermot Kennedy BREAKS record with Glasgow Ovo Hydro show

Irish singer Dermot Kennedy set a new record for ticket sales after his sold-out gig at Glasgow’s Ovo Hydro venue last Friday.

Photo Credits: Georgia Burns

Kennedy, best known for his hit singles “Giants” and “Outnumbered”, broke the record for tickets sold for a single show at the Hydro, taking over from previous record-holders, the band My Chemical Romance

Kennedy went on stage and broke the news to fans, while thanking everyone for their presence. Appearing extremely grateful and proud to have broken the record, Kennedy kept repeating “thank you” to the audience in between applause and cheers.

“I remember playing stereo a few years ago, and now I’m here. Stereo doesn’t feel like that long ago,” he said

Stereo is a venue on Renfield Street, with a capacity of 300, compared to the 14,000 capacity Ovo Hydro.

Kennedy’s set list consisted of songs from his albums Sonder and Without Fear. This included hit singles “Better Days” and “Something to Someone”, as Kennedy serenaded a receptive crowd, with audience interaction including encouraging the crowd to turn on their phone flashlights as they sang along.

After performing 20 of his songs, the lights went up to mark the end of the concert.

Photo Credits: Georgia Burns

However, fans were left wanting more, with chants of “one more tune, one more tune” filling the arena.

Post-event, Kennedy took to Instagram to post a compilation of pictures from the evening, with the caption “GLASGOW!!!! YOU SANG YOUR HEARTS OUT!! All 14,000 of you!!!! Thank you thank you forever and ever 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤️ X”.


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