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“Finding the Perfect Mentor”: Mentor Match is revolutionising women’s professional development

Mentor Match's launch event empowers women in business.

The team behind the Mentor Match launch event

Picture Credits: Urvashi More

Mentor Match, a new online network that aims to connect women in business with experienced mentors, was officially launched on April 26th at The Haberdashery in Glasgow.

The launch event was organised by the Royal Bank of Scotland, in collaboration with the online mentoring platform Digital Boost Upskilling, and was attended solely by women.

MentorMatch intends to break down the constraints around mentoring and support women in overcoming the difficulties of both finding the right mentor for them and being a mentor to others.

Attendees at the launch had the opportunity to hear from several inspiring speakers, including journalist and host Amy Irons who founded independent fashion brand Dula, social media influencer Rachel Wood, Rare Birds Books owner Jilly Isabella, and radio host and marketing expert Aarti Joshi.

The panellists recounted their stories of overcoming challenges and attaining success with the assistance of mentors, emphasising the value of mentorship in advancing one's career.

On the technical side, Digital Boost's Managing Director Karen Licurse, detailed the app’s features and functionality and explained the value of a resource like Mentor Match and its benefits for female professionals.

"To become a mentor, one does not necessarily need a lot of experience, all they need is the skill,” she told the guests.

Furthermore, she emphasised the need for having someone to talk to.
"As a mentor, the most important skill that you need is to be able to listen to someone and communicate with them easily,” Ms Licurse said.

Subjects explored by the panellists ranged from the benefits of mentorship, locating a proper mentor, imposter syndrome, especially for women who believed they were not qualified to be mentors and the necessity of developing a diverse network.

Attendees in a speed mentoring session with panellist Rachel Wood Picture Credits: Urvashi More

In addition to keynote speeches and the discussion panel, attendees were given a preview of Mentor Match which will be available to the public in May Attendees were delighted by the platform's potential to revolutionise mentorship in the corporate world and lauded its user-friendly layout and robust search feature.

Sarah James, a fashion communication student at the University of Glasgow, attended the launch event and shared her enthusiasm for the app and stated her intention to join as a mentee in the hopes of receiving guidance from accomplished women in her area.

"It has been a very helpful event for me as a student because I get to meet different people working in my field and building connections with them," she remarked.


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