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"The Super Mario Bros. Movie”: 2023’s First Movie to exceed $1 billion at Global Box Office

Image of Mario arcade game figure (Credit: CC0 image)

“The Super Mario Bros Movie", based on the popular “Super Mario Bros” game series by Nintendo, has not only become the most successful video game movie adaptation of all time, but has also levelled up to hit the highest position at the global box office.

As of today (30 April 2023) “The Super Mario Bros Movie” is now the highest grossing movie of 2023, beating out the likes of heavyweights such as “Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania”, “John Wick: Chapter 4”, “Creed III”, “Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” and “Scream VI” to the top spot.

Critical Consensus

Whilst the movie has made millions more than its competitors, “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” only scores 59% on Rotten Tomato's "Tomatometer"; making it the second lowest rated film by critics out of the top six movies at the global box office.

(Credit: Yasmin Donald and Rotten Tomatoes Website)

However, general audiences and fans of the Mario franchise seem to have a different opinion, with an Audience score of 96%, illustrating the movie’s immense popularity.

A Booming Market

Post release, toy store franchise Hamleys appears to have had “ an increase in their plushy sales”, according to George, floorworker at Hamleys’ Glasgow store in St Enochs Shopping Centre.

Another Glasgow specialist toy store Geekaboo has also felt the Mario fan frenzy. Store employee Callum, who works on the shop’s floor said the shop had been “selling loads” since the move’s release.

"On opening weekend, there was a massive rush of kids wanting plushies, Mario themed drinks and action figures too.”

“The Mario products are still popular, there are still people having conversations about it in store,” he said.

Other retailers have also embraced the buzz surrounding the movie, such as cosmetics store Lush, who have created a Mario range which includes products such as; soaps, bath bombs, shower gels and body spray.

Image of Mario Characters Cosplay ( Credit: Pikawill from Laval, Canada)

In an interview with news portal Business Insider, global financier JP Morgan issued a statement noting that he “Super Mario Bros. Movie” could contribute as much as $300 million to Nintendo’s 2023 profits, if the movie generated global ticket sales of $1.45 billion.

With the movie currently over $1 billion dollars at the global box office, and the increase in product sales, it looks like Nintendo is well on its way to hitting this revenue landmark.


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